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Our Story

A young boy, about 7 years old, is smiling at the camera. He is wearing black framed glasses, a blue t-shirt, and a makeshift boat hat made out of a paper bag. He has blonde curly hair.

AMP is the brainchild of Emily Goldberg, the mother of two autistic sons. One day, her son came home from school and recounted the social challenges he encountered on the playground: “No one understands me, Mom. Not even you, because your brain works different than mine.”

She realized that while her boys were supported by a network of family, friends, teachers and therapists, they did not know any autistic adults who could serve as positive role models. She envisioned a program in which autistic adults would serve as mentors for children and adolescents who face the unique challenges that growing up autistic in a neurotypical world can present.

With the support of the Autism Society of Minnesota, AMP was piloted in the Minneapolis metropolitan area in January 2019 and has been serving autistic adults and youth since.

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