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A white woman is smiling at the camera. She has curly gray hair and blue framed glasses.

Emily Goldberg (she/her)


Emily parents autistic twin boys who sparked the idea for AMP. She oversees the program, engaging in strategic planning, establishing partnerships, and working to secure financial support.

You can contact her at emilygoldberg

A nonbinary person with light/medium brown skin and short brown hair is smiling at the camera.

Megan Perera (they/she)

Program Coordinator

Megan is autistic and advocates for sustainable community-based support. They are in charge of recruiting, screening, matching, hosting weekly sessions, and the day-to-day running of the program.

You can contact them at megan.perera@autism

AJ Hokland (they/she)

Program Consultant

An autistic parent, teacher, and advocate, AJ has been a leading AMP voice, directing the program’s shape from early concept development to the present.

AJ was also featured on the “Autism After 18” podcast, which you can listen to here.